rept battero sent location sharing: smart energy exhibition in munich, germany
rept battero sent location sharing: smart energy exhibition in munich, germany
2023/7/21 10:59:00
rept battero sent location sharing: smart energy exhibition in munich, germany

rept battero sent location sharing: smart energy exhibition in munich, germany

微信图片_20230721090058.jpgthe smarter e europe in munich, germany will be grandly opened on june 14-16, 2023 at the new international expo center in munich, germany. as the largest and most influential energy event in europe, tsee2023 has attracted 2,400 new energy companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition, becoming an important growth pole focusing on the european market. among them, ees europe, the theme exhibition area, is the most famous international exhibition in the field of energy storage in europe.

微信图片_20230721090058_1.jpgon june 14, ripu lanjun 320ah and 340ah top-of-the-line battery energy storage series european special conference was grandly held at tsee2023, using top-of-the-line technology to empower energy storage cells, and interpreting "high-energy top-level, innovative core without boundaries" with high safety, large capacity, and long cycle.

微信图片_20230721090058_2.jpghong jia, director of overseas market sales of rept battero, made the first release of the 320ah and 340ah top battery energy storage series in europe, explained in detail the comprehensive upgrade of product performance, and predicted that the two products will be officially launched in q3 and q4 of 2023 respectively.

rept battero always adheres to the concept of globalization development. this time, the european special conference of "high-energy, innovative core" is held.

微信图片_20230721090059_1.jpgthe liquid-cooled energy storage system is favored by domestic and foreign markets for its multi-directional safety performance, long-term energy storage and intelligent high-efficiency. in addition to the new wending battery energy storage series, rept battero also brought the y52 liquid cooling system to the exhibition. the y52 liquid cooling system has the excellent performance of consistent temperature control, upgrade and expansion, high-density integration, ultra-long life, intelligent management and all-round prevention, and has strong product competitiveness in both domestic and overseas markets.微信图片_20230721090059_2.jpgrept battero always adheres to the concept of global layout, with a sound management system and strict product manufacturing standards, to create industry-leading technologies and products, and to emerge in the world's new energy storage industry. the appearance at tsee2023 this time is not only a big step for rept battero to approach the overseas energy storage market, but also a great opportunity to strengthen international cooperation and closely establish a global new energy energy storage industry chain. in the future, rept battero will also continue to adhere to the global development strategy, join hands with global partners, jointly contribute to the green energy revolution, establish a worldwide clean energy development channel, and move towards a green future.

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